Monday, 26 June 2017

Our Plans For The Weekend - 9th June - 11th June


This weekend we are having a busy one, which is nice and we are doing things we wouldn’t normally do!

So today is 8th June which is the voting day and my mother-in-law Jayne stays up and watches the voting results so has booked the day off tomorrow which is Friday.

Friday 9th Me, Daphney and Jayne are spending the day together, which will be nice. I’m not sure what we’re doing but I’m sure whatever it is it will be nice!

Saturday 10th Me and John are going to do a car boot (there a great way to get rid of things you don’t use and make money at the same time! *BONUS* then in the afternoon we will be going to the Cheltenham Food and Drinks festival (There is a post below on what happened last year) I think it will be weird going back
A.      For the last 3 years I have worked at the festival with Wholefoods and I even did the festival when I worked at Jamie’s Italian
B.      Last time I went I was pregnant with Daphney and now I’m going with Daphney!
The Food and Drink festival has a lot of yummy stalls for people to browse and chop their way through as well as guest speakers

Sunday 11th we are going to Polo, I will be doing an outfit of the day with what me and Daphney will be wearing! I and John have been to Polo before and it is such a great day out, with games, and stalls for moouching around. We are going with Daphney’s God parents Chris, Loren and their two children as well as 6 of our other friends and were going to take a picnic.

What are you doing this weekend?

Thank you for reading

Elyssia x

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  1. That sounds like an action packed weekend! I've never been to Polo before