Friday, 11 August 2017

Fitch & Feather

Hello Lovely's

I am so excited to share with you an amazing company called Fitch & Feather.

Fitch & Feather make Beautiful bespoke feathered accessories made in the heart of the Cotswolds. 

The owner Loren is a dear friend of mine and Daphney's Godmother and makes all the hatpins and brooches herself out of 100% natural products. 
The whole bird is used when making the stunning accessories - The meat gets used for family meals and the feathers are turned into the products below.

The Hat pins and Brooches are all locally sourced and handpicked which create stunning works of Art all of which can be customised for any occasion!

Go check out Fitch & Feather to see these pieces for yourself (Links below)

All of the Hatpins and Brooches can be customised by having different designs and even feathers and colours!

Make sure to Like Fitch & Feather's Facebook page and their Instagram for more pieces and keep up to date with what their doing!

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Thursday, 3 August 2017

Baby Recipe - Cottage Pie


I had such a dinner success tonight so I thought I would share my Cottage Pie recipe with you.

This recipe is a great way to get veggies into your little bambinos food, this would count towards yours and their 5 a day!

Olive oil 
1 white onion -diced 
2 carrots - peeled and chopped
1/2 courgette - diced 
1/2 carton chestnut mushrooms - fixed 
2 tins chopped tomatoes
500g minced beef
Potatoes (depending on how much mash you like)
Optional (for alders)
3 TBSP Worcester sauce 
1 beef stock cube 
1 pack of ready salted crisps 

Heat 2tbsp of olive oil in a pan 
Add all the veg and sweat down until soft 
Add mince and cook until meat is brown
Add tinned tomatoes 
Transfer to slow cooker (or cook on the stove top)
Cook for 5 hours on high
- Dish up portions for your baby and set aside 
Add Worcester sauce and stock cub to the rest of the cottage pie mix and cook for a further 2 hours on low
Boil potatoes and mash
Top cottage pie with mash 
Smash crisps and add to adult cottage pie
Finish in he oven for 40 mins 

Serve with veg 


Thank you for reading 
Mummy Stephens 

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Guest Post - Simply Muna Homemade Baby Purees

This is a guest post from Muna, who blogs at Simply Muna.

My baby just turned 6 months and it's finally time to whip up some nutritious and yummy purees for her to eat, other than breast milk 24/7. I always start off with stage 1 purees with my babies. This just simply means that they are finely pureed, which is a great start when introducing baby's first solids. Making your own baby food is not only better for your baby, but it's easy and saves you money too. I like to make a big batch and freeze the purees in little pots (you can also use ice cube trays, preferably silicone, as they are easier to get out), and then thaw as needed.

Although baby-led weaning seems to be gaining popularity, I prefer to start off with fine purees as they are easier for a baby to handle, and no lumps to work around.

Today, I'll be sharing the recipes we used in the first week of weaning. I decided to mix things up this time, and did not use just single fruit or vegetables, but combined a few things here and there as well as single purees. These recipes are easy and nutritious for your baby. In the following recipes, I have used apple juice to thin out some of the purees. This is optional, but I found that it also gave a nice additional taste to the purees. Most ice cube trays measure out to about 1 ounce per cube. However, the pots that I have used are each 2.5 ounces (70ml). I start with the ice cubes and then move on to the freezer pots when my baby can eat more.



1/4 cup ground oats (old fashioned oats finely grounded in a blender)
3/4 cup water

1. Bring the water to boil in a small saucepan.
2. Add the ground oats, and whisk continuously.
3. Simmer for 5 to 10 minutes until creamy.
4. Add formula or breast milk to thin the oatmeal.


1/4 cup ground barley
1 cup water

1. Bring the water to boil.
2. Add the ground barley, and whisk continuously.
3. Simmer for 5 to 10 minutes until creamy.
4. Add formula or breast milk to thin the barley.

Fruit and Veggie purees:

Banana and Peach

1 banana
2 peaches
1/4 cup apple juice, unsweetened

Green Apple and Spinach

1 green apple
1/2 cup baby spinach
- 1 banana**
1/3 cup apple juice, unsweetened


1 cup strawberries
- 1 banana*

Sweet potato and Carrot

1/2 cup sweet potato, boiled
1/2 cup carrots, boiled
1/3 cup apple juice, unsweetened


2 cups
- 1 banana*

There you go! A few recipes to get you started. It can't get easier than this. Cook, blend, freeze.

* = I’ve added a banana with the blueberry and strawberry purees, as I found them too runny by itself. The added banana made a little thicker. 
** = Here I added a banana as a binding ingredient. The spinach and apple didn’t blend smoothly together. Adding a banana fixes this problem, plus it’s even yummier! 

Muna is a young mother of two little girls, and runs the blog Simply Muna. She loves sharing recipes, tips and tales on motherhood, lifestyle and more. 
Visit her blog at

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Baby Recipe - Banana Pancakes

Hello Everyone!

My last Recipe post on my French Toast went down a storm so I though I would share another favorite of Daphney's and that is Banana Pancakes and this recipe could not be any easier... it's only 4 ingredients!

Pancakes are a great way to introduce Eggs into your babies diet whilst still being tasty. This recipe is great for 6/7 month BLW.

What you will need 
2 Eggs
1 Mashed Banana 
1/2 Tsp Cinnamon or Nutmeg
Coconut oil 

  • Beat the eggs and add in the mashed Banana 
  • Add in the Cinnamon or Nutmeg which ever you are using 
  • Heat a pan with the coconut oil and drop small amounts of the batter into the pan (As there is no flour in this recipe, make sure the pancakes are turning a golden coloring before turning or they might turn to mush!)
  • Brown pancakes on each side and serve

Have you got a favorite food you like to feed your little bambinos? 

I'd love to see your creations tag me on Instagram using the #mummystephensBP

Thank you for reading 
Mummy Stephens x

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Baby Recipe - Banana French Toast

Hello loves,

I recently made Daphney some French Toast and she loved it so I thought I would share my recipe with you!

French toast is great for weaning as its soft for your little one to chew or suck! I think this recipe would be great from 6+ months, this recipe can also be changed to add different fruit like raspberries or blueberries depending on what your baby likes.

So let's get into the recipe!

You will need
1 Banana
1/2 Tsp Cinnamon

1/2 Tsp Nutmeg
1/2 Sandwhich Thin
1 egg
Frying pan
Coconut oil


  • Mash the banana in a bowl
  • Add the egg and spiced - give it a good mix
  • Heat the coconut oil in a pan over low heat
  • Cut the sandwhich thin into easy chunks for your baby to hold
  • Dunk the shapes into the banana mix
  • Lightly fry till golden brown
  • Wait until the French toast is cool enough to eat

What do your little ones like to eat? 
Let's see your French toast, post a photo below or tag on instagram #mummystephensFT

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Saturday, 22 July 2017

My Top Tips - Healthy Csection *Graphic photo #10

Hello Lovely’s 

I am so excited to be a guest on One Sharp Mama's blog,if you haven't managed to check out her page, go and have a look below is my guest post which will be going live on her page soon.

My top 10 tips of a healthy Csection

#1 Research-Research-Research!

I was petrified about my upcoming C-section! I have never stayed in hospital and never had an operation so I researched everything there was to know about what I was about to be going through. I must have watched every video out there on the whole procedure and what happens (which granted was a bit too much to handle!) but when it came down to the wire I am glad I did as I was fully prepared and felt much better about it!

#2 No question is a silly one

Before my planned C-section I had a million questions and I didn't want to go in without knowing them. Some were random questions like "Do I need to shave my downtown area" and others more on point. The Dr’s were so helpful and answered all my questions even if I thought at the time they might have been silly! Being from England I had read a lot about what was going to happen but some of the things I had read were American and the procedures might be slightly different so always ask!

#3 "Voodoo"

I worked in Wholefoods in the health and beauty department before my maternity leave working with, as my husband would say, "voodoo potions" *sigh* and I would again read up on all the herbal remedies which might help me heal after. My top products would be Arnica 100c - this helps with swelling and bruises, I took this the day I gave birth and all the time I was in hospital which was 4 days and I didn't have ANY bruises from having Daphney! Which when you think how much pulling, cutting and tugging goes on during a C-section I was shocked about! 
Secondly I would highly recommend Vitamin C as hospitals are known for all sorts of colds, flus and nasties which as a new mum you don't want to be getting! I popped 2 - 3 a day and again didn't get sick whilst I staying there!

#4 Sweet Treats
I’d recommend taking some sweet treats! This really cheered me up and here in England before a C-section you can’t eat anything from around 9pm the night before. We arrived at the hospital for 6.45am and John was eating my sweets and coffees so when Daphney was born I couldn’t wait for that little pick me up which sugar peaches would hit.

#5 Rest is super important but keep moving?
My thoughts before I had Daphney were that I wanted to play with my new baby girl and share my excitement with the world. In reality I was shattered, physically and mentally exhausted. Having a c-section is a major operation where 7 layers of skin, fat and muscle are cut so take it easy Lady’s!

#6 Day after keep moving…
Ok so this sort of goes against what I said in my last post but bear with me! The more you move…gently, the quicker you will heal and the layers will get back to normal, don’t get me wrong it HURTS but it’s a must! Trips down the hall even trips to the bathroom are a massive achievement. The day after I had Daphney the midwife told me to start moving around and I thought she was joking but honestly it is the best thing you can do, plus means you aren’t going stir crazy in a hospital bed as much!

#7  Positive vibes
Another massive thing in healing is positive vibes and thoughts. I am awful with pain but I knew if I thought I was going to be ill, sick and in pain I would be dreadful, so instead I told myself I was fine, took my meds and I was fine, everyone was so shocked at how quickly I was recovering.

8# Borrow Bridget Jones’ knickers
This on makes me laugh all the time and yes ladies I’m still wearing granny pants, they are the most comfortable things ever!!! They sit just over your belly button so don’t sit on your new healing cut – Same goes for maternity leggings, I lived in mine for months after giving birth as I didn’t want anything to irritate my incision.

9# Drink plenty and take stool softeners
*Ok so TMI alert* my first poos after labour hurt but nothing to when I stopped drinking water – let’s just say it looked like I had been eating sticks like a bear *shakes head*

10# Don’t be scared of your new wound
When I got home from hospital and it finally came to taking off my bandage I was so scared and cried. Looking back I’m not sure what I was so scared about seeing, the midwives said the Dr’s had done an amazing job but I was still scared. Don’t be scared, keep it clean, washed and dry and it will help stop any infections popping up.

Thank you so much for reading

Mummy Stephens x

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Guest Post from the Lovely Victoria at One Sharp Mama

Victoria is a blogger over at One Sharp Mama. During the week, her Monday thru Friday, is being a Sonographer at a local outpatient radiology office. She has a fairy tale husband and is a mother to a beautiful young daughter. She loves sharing her stories on parenting, infertility, organization and some favorite recipes. If you enjoy reading this post on Top Toys for a 7 month old, make sure to check out the rest of her posts over at One Sharp Mama. Victoria just wanted to thank Elyssia for this opportunity to share some fun information with her readers. Expanding friends outside of the United States has also been quite exciting.  

Top 6 Toys for your 7 month old

With all the toys out there that available in just about every store, it's hard to decide what toys your child would actually want to play with. I will say that our daughter loves simple things like Tupperware from the kitchen or a plastic spatula to chew on. She's simple but these toys listed below have been some of her favorites. These toys have been great for many different developmental aspects for her too. These also help her to enjoy playing on her own. So, without further ado let's get to the toy list!

*This list includes affiliate links that if you buy from, I may make a profit from, at no extra cost to you! I am only sharing links to products we use or would use ourselves*

Disney Baby Finding Nemo Sea of Activities Jumper

One of her favorites recently has been her Nemo Jumper. She has been bouncing like crazy and giggling up a storm. She's burning her little calories from her crazy formula and her pureed foods. She's building up her leg strength and stamina. This jumper has activities in all 360 degrees. She tries to chew on each play piece. The Dory Fish figurine has been her favorite thing to munch on recently. Some of the figures make noise which excites her and gets her clapping too. All of the activities and the ability to bounce around and be on her feet at her own leisure is helping our daughter learn to play on her own and not have to have someone with her all the time. Every little needs a fun jumper. Grab one from US Amazon here. If you're reading in the UK- use this link for Amazon

nemo jumper, activity jumper, best jumper for baby, new baby must have, baby toys

Baby Trend Walker

We bought Caroline a Baby Trend walker. She now runs around the house through the kitchen and dining room like it has always been her territory and she knows every area like it's the back of her hand. The walker has a little tray where she can keep her toys and play with them on. It comes with little toys attached to it as well. These are great for children to increase their dexterity and if they're teething like our sweet girl, they're great for chomping on too. She is very mobile in her walker and it is definitely teaching her the skills for balancing and walking around. She is a professional at turning that thing around and chasing after you too. She can maneuver around kitchen tables and chairs like a race car driver. The only downfall is those walkers hurt like a bear when they run over or into your toes. Obviously, walkers are only good to use in areas where steps are not available. The neat thing about this walker is the toy bar is removable. If your little one isn't a fan of the toys or the toys need to be cleaned, the bar is easily removed. Get a cute little walker for your baby who wants to be on the go on US Amazon here or check it out on the UK Amazon site here.

Nuby Pur Ice Bite Soother Ring Teether

As I am sure you can tell, our girl is teething. She puts anything and everything into her mouth. She absolutely adores her teething ring. These things have been around forever. They go in the freezer and feel amazing on her gums. She loves holding it and feeling like she is in control of it. She loves to chew on this ring for as long as her little fingers can stand the freezing part of the ring. She will naw on the ring so long that her little fingers start to turn red from the cold and I have to take it away. This doesn't always make her the happy baby, but, at least her gums are numb. She will get over losing the ring in no time and appreciate the ability to use her fingers quickly. To help those teething littles, get one, or two of these bad boys off of the US Amazon here. The UK Amazon has a similar
one that you can snag here.

 nuby teething toy, best to for 7 month old, teething ring, baby teeth, gum soother

Fisher - Price Musical Lion Walker

So, we have this little Lion walker toy. It has been great for the last month or two and will continue to be used over the next couple months. It has fun music and a few toys that the children can play with sliding things back and forth or forward and backward. It is a toy that as they learn to sit up, they can sit in front of and play with. Now, as Caroline is learning to stand while holding on the objects, it's perfect. As she tries to learn to walk, it will be great for then too. She loves the music it plays as she pushes it. It was easy to put together too. Yay for the little things in Parenthood :) You can snag yours from The US Amazon here and if you're in the UK- we have a similar toy that would help your child
learn and have with too. Check it out on the UK Amazon here.

Fisher - Price Brilliant Basics Baby's First Blocks

star shape toy, first shapes, color shapes, baby first shape toytoy shape, baby first block, first toy, best toy for 7 month old, bucket head This toy has the bucket and lid with the shapes cut out of it. The shapes are different colors and fit into those holes in the lid. Whatever shape she picks up, I always tell her the shape and the color of the item. I know she might not understand but, I want to get myself in the habit of teaching her those things. When the lid is on the bucket, she tries to put the shapes in. It doesn't always work out but, she tries. As she gets older, I am sure it will become more natural for her to be able to put the shapes in the correct cut outs. This will help her dexterity tremendously. For now, she likes to play with the shapes and lid. She loves wearing the bucket as a hat too. Whatever makes her happy, works for me. It's a teaching as she grows kind of toy. Every baby needs this classic toy, grabs yours from US Amazon here and the UK Amazon here.

Infantino Grow with Me Activity Gym and Ball Pit

So this is a very diverse toy. We have used it since she was just a few months old. This toy changes and grows with them as they age. At first it is a play mat with the toys they can look at on their backs and eventually be able to kick and reach for. As they get older, they can sit up and play with those toys. But now our daughter uses it as a ball pit. The sides can come up and create a contained area for the child to sit in and the balls to be put in. We work on colors as she picks the different ones up. If you want to put the balls away, you can put them in the turtle head storage area. If you're interested in grabbing one of these guys, check them out on the US Amazon here and the UK Amazon here. infantino mat, grow with me, toy for 7 month old, best toy      

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