Monday, 5 June 2017

Things No-One Tells You About Pregnancy!!!

Hello Lovely’s
I thought I would do a fun post about the things no-one will tell you about pregnancy, I gave birth to my daughter Daphney on 11/11/16 via Csection – To read my story there is a post below!

So here goes…

  1. Every pregnancy is different!! You will have a different experience to another pregnant mums
  2. *TMI* Constipation!! This is THE most annoying thing ever!
  3. Hip/Pelvic pain also know as SPD (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction) – towards the end of my pregnancy I struggled with this a lot and finally got signed off work at the end of 37 weeks, I ended up having physical therapy but in some cases woman end up with crutches or even wheelchairs!
  4. Midwives don’t know everythinkg!!! I cant stress this enough, and yes most of the time they are right and you should listen to them but I used to hang on everything my midwife said. I was told Daphney would be small – She was 8lb 11oz, I was told she was engaging (late pregnancy) when Daphney was still breech and it was her bum engaged. I learnt to take everything she said with a pinch of salt! *AGAIN this is just my expericance*
  5. Peeing, I normally sleep through the night but nope, not when I was pregnant, I would be up every couple of hours needing a wee
  6. If your fuller figured like myself you might not show as quickly as other mums to be. I think I started showing about 24+ weeks
  7. Hormones - I cried my eyes out over not having Thai curry for dinner...
  8. Weird cravings – now this is something I was so excited by! I craved Limes, honesly I could eat a whole lime, but settled for REALLLLLY strong lime squash (I remember buying squash and having over a ¼ of the bottle per glass but I would add sliced limes to drinks and also I LOVED spicy foods, which is not me at all, I used to eat at Turtle Bay and order a curry packed with scotch bonnets! Needless to say I couldn’t eat it now
  9. Teeth – where do I start on my teeth!!! My gums were constinatly bleeding, my teeth got so wobbly and just hurt. I had so many trips to the dreaded dentist and everthing was fine. I came to the conclution it was due to their being no Calcium in my pregnancy supplement and I don’t eat a lot of dairy so all the calcium I was taking in was going straight to Dapheny – easily solved by having a glass of milk a day!
  10. Everyone will want to touch your growing tummy... this is something that really annoyed me... when I was fat you didn't want to touch my tummy, but when I was pregnant it was like I had a sign on my tummy which said "go on have a feel, don't ask me just do it!" URGH! And people would ask if Daphney was kicking, I would tell them the truth, if she was kicking if would be down near my vagina beause she was breech so you will have to feel very far down and that might make all parties uncomfortable!! 


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