Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Indestructibles - Baby Books review

Hello Loves.

This is a quick review of the indestructibles books made for babies.
I bought mine from the Birmingham NEC Baby Show for Daphney, I believe I paid £10 for 3, the normal RRP is around £3.50 (I will leave the Amazon link below if you want to check them out!)

When I was looking at the books I do have to admit...I was a bit unsure as they sounded unrealistic but I take my hat off to the company…


The indestrucibles books are
  • Rip proof
  • Chew Proof
  • 100% machine washable
There is a wide range of the Indestructibles books, which are beautifully designed, with bright colours which babies will love.

I know, I know sounds weird but it made me think...Daphney always tries to chew paper and books I suppose its the noise and texture but these books are so good! They don’t go soggy and gross and even better I no longer have to fish out bits of paper from her mouth! 


The books are designed to be used by babies to "read" by using their fingers and mouths (hence why they can be washed and are chew proof). They are printed on nontoxic material which feels like a wax paper...sort of(?)

As they can be washed they are great for teething/gumming, spills and being dropped or dragged across the floor.

I highly rate these books, Daphney loves them and I now always carry one in our changing back, I would give them 5/5, and you can pick one up from Amazon.

Thank you for reading
Elyssia x

Indestructibles books on Amazon -

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