Monday, 26 June 2017

Our Plans For The Weekend - 9th June - 11th June


This weekend we are having a busy one, which is nice and we are doing things we wouldn’t normally do!

So today is 8th June which is the voting day and my mother-in-law Jayne stays up and watches the voting results so has booked the day off tomorrow which is Friday.

Friday 9th Me, Daphney and Jayne are spending the day together, which will be nice. I’m not sure what we’re doing but I’m sure whatever it is it will be nice!

Saturday 10th Me and John are going to do a car boot (there a great way to get rid of things you don’t use and make money at the same time! *BONUS* then in the afternoon we will be going to the Cheltenham Food and Drinks festival (There is a post below on what happened last year) I think it will be weird going back
A.      For the last 3 years I have worked at the festival with Wholefoods and I even did the festival when I worked at Jamie’s Italian
B.      Last time I went I was pregnant with Daphney and now I’m going with Daphney!
The Food and Drink festival has a lot of yummy stalls for people to browse and chop their way through as well as guest speakers

Sunday 11th we are going to Polo, I will be doing an outfit of the day with what me and Daphney will be wearing! I and John have been to Polo before and it is such a great day out, with games, and stalls for moouching around. We are going with Daphney’s God parents Chris, Loren and their two children as well as 6 of our other friends and were going to take a picnic.

What are you doing this weekend?

Thank you for reading

Elyssia x

Monday, 12 June 2017

Ohhh Fancy - Day out at the Polo

Hello Everyone,

We have recently had a lovely family day out at the Polo at Beaufort in Gloucestershire (I will leave the link for the polo club down below)

I spotted it on Groupon which was amazing - £19 for a car of 4 people normal price £49 great saving there!!

We had such a great day at the polo, we took a picnic and sat to watch the Polo, there was a large number of mini stalls which we fun to browse around selling things from Gi to Clothing and much more and a few old fashioned rides for the children

Here are some photos from our family day out.

Starting from the bottom-
Shoes - Orca bay shoes 
Black Jeans - Matalan 
Shirt - Next
Gilet - Beleno
Hat - Unknown
Watch - Marc Jacobs

Thank you for reading
Elyssia x

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Indestructibles - Baby Books review

Hello Loves.

This is a quick review of the indestructibles books made for babies.
I bought mine from the Birmingham NEC Baby Show for Daphney, I believe I paid £10 for 3, the normal RRP is around £3.50 (I will leave the Amazon link below if you want to check them out!)

When I was looking at the books I do have to admit...I was a bit unsure as they sounded unrealistic but I take my hat off to the company…


The indestrucibles books are
  • Rip proof
  • Chew Proof
  • 100% machine washable
There is a wide range of the Indestructibles books, which are beautifully designed, with bright colours which babies will love.

I know, I know sounds weird but it made me think...Daphney always tries to chew paper and books I suppose its the noise and texture but these books are so good! They don’t go soggy and gross and even better I no longer have to fish out bits of paper from her mouth! 


The books are designed to be used by babies to "read" by using their fingers and mouths (hence why they can be washed and are chew proof). They are printed on nontoxic material which feels like a wax paper...sort of(?)

As they can be washed they are great for teething/gumming, spills and being dropped or dragged across the floor.

I highly rate these books, Daphney loves them and I now always carry one in our changing back, I would give them 5/5, and you can pick one up from Amazon.

Thank you for reading
Elyssia x

Indestructibles books on Amazon -

Baby Recipe – Strawberry & Banana Smoothie


Hey people!

I thought I would share a breakfast recipe which Daphney has been loving, smoothies are a great way for your little one to try different fruits.
This recipe can be adapted to suit your baby’s taste, you can also use frozen fruit to help with teething *High 5*

The recipe makes 1 portion – if using fresh fruit you can freeze these in ice-cube trays!
25g strawberries
25g banana
30ml your babies normal milk

1.       Wash your strawberries well and chop the fruit into small chunks
2.       Add your baby’s milk
3.       Blend in a smoothie maker or a normal blender works just fine
4.       Let your baby enjoy!

*Please note, if you’re using strawberries or raspberries please sieve them first to remove seeds and pips*

What’s your favourite smoothie recipe?

Thank you for reading
Elyssia x

Monday, 5 June 2017

Things No-One Tells You About Pregnancy!!!

Hello Lovely’s
I thought I would do a fun post about the things no-one will tell you about pregnancy, I gave birth to my daughter Daphney on 11/11/16 via Csection – To read my story there is a post below!

So here goes…

  1. Every pregnancy is different!! You will have a different experience to another pregnant mums
  2. *TMI* Constipation!! This is THE most annoying thing ever!
  3. Hip/Pelvic pain also know as SPD (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction) – towards the end of my pregnancy I struggled with this a lot and finally got signed off work at the end of 37 weeks, I ended up having physical therapy but in some cases woman end up with crutches or even wheelchairs!
  4. Midwives don’t know everythinkg!!! I cant stress this enough, and yes most of the time they are right and you should listen to them but I used to hang on everything my midwife said. I was told Daphney would be small – She was 8lb 11oz, I was told she was engaging (late pregnancy) when Daphney was still breech and it was her bum engaged. I learnt to take everything she said with a pinch of salt! *AGAIN this is just my expericance*
  5. Peeing, I normally sleep through the night but nope, not when I was pregnant, I would be up every couple of hours needing a wee
  6. If your fuller figured like myself you might not show as quickly as other mums to be. I think I started showing about 24+ weeks
  7. Hormones - I cried my eyes out over not having Thai curry for dinner...
  8. Weird cravings – now this is something I was so excited by! I craved Limes, honesly I could eat a whole lime, but settled for REALLLLLY strong lime squash (I remember buying squash and having over a ¼ of the bottle per glass but I would add sliced limes to drinks and also I LOVED spicy foods, which is not me at all, I used to eat at Turtle Bay and order a curry packed with scotch bonnets! Needless to say I couldn’t eat it now
  9. Teeth – where do I start on my teeth!!! My gums were constinatly bleeding, my teeth got so wobbly and just hurt. I had so many trips to the dreaded dentist and everthing was fine. I came to the conclution it was due to their being no Calcium in my pregnancy supplement and I don’t eat a lot of dairy so all the calcium I was taking in was going straight to Dapheny – easily solved by having a glass of milk a day!
  10. Everyone will want to touch your growing tummy... this is something that really annoyed me... when I was fat you didn't want to touch my tummy, but when I was pregnant it was like I had a sign on my tummy which said "go on have a feel, don't ask me just do it!" URGH! And people would ask if Daphney was kicking, I would tell them the truth, if she was kicking if would be down near my vagina beause she was breech so you will have to feel very far down and that might make all parties uncomfortable!! 


Sunday, 4 June 2017

Dressing Room - H&M Maternity Leggings

Hello Loves,

I recently went to H&M to look at their Maternity clothing as a friend had suggested them and normally I would have never looked in there for clothing as i am an awkward size being between 18-22 since I am pregnant so here is a mini review on their leggings.

Maternity Leggings - £7.99 (BARGAIN) 
I am obsessed with these leggings! They are so soft and wash really well. The come up nice and high over my bump which I love, and they are the right length which is what I was worried about being Tall (I am about 5'9). The leggings are part of their conscious range which i believe is organic cotton (I could be wrong) I do find however.... you do get the typical "legging bum" where you can see-though them after a few washes, but saying that it does not put me off as they are not anywhere near as bad as other leggings I have had!

I have had these at the beginning of my pregnancy and they lasted me about 4/5 months and then I noticed small holes where the joining of the leggings meet, around the top thigh area, but again I was wearing nothing but these leggings so it was bound to happen!

I would rate these H&M leggings 8/10, the photo below was taken when I was 38w pregnancy at my Baby Shower!


*SIDE NOTE* I wore these for months after my Csection as they came above my scar and were so lush and comfortable x

Happy Reading
Elyssia x

H&M Maternity Leggings - £7.99

Avon review

Hello Loves

Being on maternity pay SUCKS! So I thought I would try some Avon products as a cheeper alternitive to my high end products.

My friend Gina sells Avon which is perfect so I didn't have to mooch around trying to find someone who sells it (Just search Love Avon with Gina on Facebook) 

With your first Order though Avon you also get 10% off! Plus they do samples, so I picked up a foundation and lipstick sample to try before I bought it - which I think is a good way to see if you like it before hand.

Avon sells everything from makeup to home goods but I thought I would start off with just a few things so I ordered -
  • Mark Prep & Set spray £3 on offer (measuring up to my Urban Decay setting spray) 
  • Eyebrow sissors - my eyebrows are like Wolverine so I thought these might be helpful! £2 on offer 
  • Lip plumping lipstick £5 on offer (I've always wanted plumper, softer lips and I've read some reviews which says it's really good so thought I would give it a try 
  • Strawberry & White Chocolate body spritz £1.50 on offer 
The products take between 7-10 days, I ordered by bits and bobs on Friday 26th so should be here soon.
I'm planning on trying these products for a week or so and giving you an honest review of what I think after so keep an eye out for that post coming soon! 

Have you tried anything from Avon?
Thank you for reading 

Elyssia x

Aldi's Mamia 100% Organic breakfast

Hello Lovely’s

I thought I would do a quick review of the Aldi’s own brand Mamia 100% organic baby food – specifically their Breakfast range.
The range is suitable for babies just starting on the weaning adventure, stage 1 from 6m+ like I said earlier is 100% organic and for only 59p for a 100g pouch is amazing!!

Aldi do a small range of baby food ranging from fruits to spag bowl.

So back to the review…
There is only 3 of the breakfast pouches and I’m happy to say Daphney has loved all of them –
Mango & Peach
Apple & Banana
Apple & Blueberry

All the breakfast pouches contain yogurt and rice with a super smooth consistency, which again is great for weaning.

There is no added sugar (all sugars are naturally occurring), No added water or thickeners, No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.
The sugar content is something I have been wary of in baby food and although there is naturally occurring sugar most if not all are under 10g per 100g pouch.

Overall we would say these are a Aldi MUST HAVE and I would rate them 5/5 easily!!!

Have you tried them yet??

Thank you for reading

Elyssia x                                                                      

Trip to the nail salon

Hi lovelys 

I have nice nails!!! 

Today me and my sister-in-law Megan treated ourselves to getting our nails done *yippee*
I used to always get my nails done until I got to around 5 months of being pregnant and by that time, the fumes made me high! 

So off we headed into Tewkesbury town to get fancy new acrylic nails.
Now before I had Daphney I would get either Coffin nails or Stiletto nails. 

Coffin nails are a mixture of square and stiletto 
Stiletto are kinda self explanatory... coffin shaped, but no matter what shape I went for I would always get lonnng nails (I'll add some photos below) 

So now being a practical adult/mummy I thought maybe pointed long talons properly wernt the best idea with little moosh and I could imagine getting Daphney's (poo) and I can only imagine what other creams and stuff would get under them - I know CRINGE! 
So I chose to get short nails but longer than my normal nails and in the coffin shape (as it's less dramatic)

The nails cost £25 and will last without an infill for me around 2/3 weeks depending on how heavy handed I am. 

The colour I chose in the end (after a bit of drama with the first colour being painted awfully) was a OPI colour in Malaga Wine which I thought was quite fitting as I'm longing for a sunshine holiday! 

So if your looking to get acrylic nails in the Tewkesbury area, check out Nails Express.

Ill pop below a few nails i've had in the past for you to have a nosy at!!

Thank you for reading 
Elyssia x