Sunday, 4 June 2017

Trip to the nail salon

Hi lovelys 

I have nice nails!!! 

Today me and my sister-in-law Megan treated ourselves to getting our nails done *yippee*
I used to always get my nails done until I got to around 5 months of being pregnant and by that time, the fumes made me high! 

So off we headed into Tewkesbury town to get fancy new acrylic nails.
Now before I had Daphney I would get either Coffin nails or Stiletto nails. 

Coffin nails are a mixture of square and stiletto 
Stiletto are kinda self explanatory... coffin shaped, but no matter what shape I went for I would always get lonnng nails (I'll add some photos below) 

So now being a practical adult/mummy I thought maybe pointed long talons properly wernt the best idea with little moosh and I could imagine getting Daphney's (poo) and I can only imagine what other creams and stuff would get under them - I know CRINGE! 
So I chose to get short nails but longer than my normal nails and in the coffin shape (as it's less dramatic)

The nails cost £25 and will last without an infill for me around 2/3 weeks depending on how heavy handed I am. 

The colour I chose in the end (after a bit of drama with the first colour being painted awfully) was a OPI colour in Malaga Wine which I thought was quite fitting as I'm longing for a sunshine holiday! 

So if your looking to get acrylic nails in the Tewkesbury area, check out Nails Express.

Ill pop below a few nails i've had in the past for you to have a nosy at!!

Thank you for reading 
Elyssia x

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