Sunday, 4 June 2017

Avon review

Hello Loves

Being on maternity pay SUCKS! So I thought I would try some Avon products as a cheeper alternitive to my high end products.

My friend Gina sells Avon which is perfect so I didn't have to mooch around trying to find someone who sells it (Just search Love Avon with Gina on Facebook) 

With your first Order though Avon you also get 10% off! Plus they do samples, so I picked up a foundation and lipstick sample to try before I bought it - which I think is a good way to see if you like it before hand.

Avon sells everything from makeup to home goods but I thought I would start off with just a few things so I ordered -
  • Mark Prep & Set spray £3 on offer (measuring up to my Urban Decay setting spray) 
  • Eyebrow sissors - my eyebrows are like Wolverine so I thought these might be helpful! £2 on offer 
  • Lip plumping lipstick £5 on offer (I've always wanted plumper, softer lips and I've read some reviews which says it's really good so thought I would give it a try 
  • Strawberry & White Chocolate body spritz £1.50 on offer 
The products take between 7-10 days, I ordered by bits and bobs on Friday 26th so should be here soon.
I'm planning on trying these products for a week or so and giving you an honest review of what I think after so keep an eye out for that post coming soon! 

Have you tried anything from Avon?
Thank you for reading 

Elyssia x

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