Friday, 30 December 2016

Weekly Meal Plan

Every Sunday night I sit down with my pen & paper to write a meal plan. I find we end up wasting less and spending less on food if we have a plan of what were going to eat for that week! 
I only really plan the week days as at the weekends we tend to eat out of see family.

I look and see what were doing that week and what days we need food for. I look online (mostly pintrest) as well as cook books to find recipes which I fancy cooking.

Here's this weeks menu - Enjoy

Monday 2nd Jan- 
Breakfast - Eggy bread, avcardo, tomato and bacon
Lunch - Homemade butternut squash soup
Dinner - My sister-in-law's 25th Birthday so we wont be eating at home

Tuesday 3rd Jan- **My Birthday!!**
Breakfast - Overnight oats with berries
Lunch - More soup
Dinner - Steak, chips, mushrooms, onion rings, peas and tomatoes

Wednesday 4th Jan-
Breakfast - Coffee in town
Lunch - Eggy bread, avacardo and bacon
Dinner - One pan pesto chicken and veggies

Thursday 5th Jan-
Breakfast - 
Lunch - Scrambled eggs on toast
Dinner - **I'm at the hair dressers so won't be home late** Cheeseburger lettuce wraps and chips

Friday 6th Jan-
Breakfast - 
Lunch - Soup
Dinner - Sausage and potato bake

Hope this has given you some inspiration - Enjoy
Thank you for reading
Mummy Stephens x

Thursday, 29 December 2016

Csection update

Hello lovely people.

I thought I would quickly give you a update on how my Csection recovery is going.

I had my Csection nearly 7 weeks ago and I haven't had any problems so far, the cut is healing nicely and hasn't been a problem and the ends of the cut have started to turn into a scar. I have had a pain above where they made the cut started getting really sore and uncomfortable if I touched it or nocked kg but when Daphney had her 6 week check I spoke to the dr about it and they said it's fine!

I still have been wearing maternity leggings and nassive granny nickers to johns dismay but I'm finding wearing normal jeans really hard at the moment so I'm sticking with maternity for now! 

But all in all I'm doing great! I think the advice that the midwives say is true moving around early on helps so much! We had Daphney on Friday and by Tuesday we were walking around and doing everything we were doing before! Everyone is different though so listen to your body and don't over do it if you feel up to it! 

Thank you for reading 
Mummy Stephens 

Daphney 6 week update

Hello lovely people! 

I hope you are all well. I thought I would do a blog post about Daphney and her 6 week update! 

Daphney had her last visit from the health visitor this week and has put on weight which is great! 

Daphney is sleeping though the night now and has been from about 2ish week, it takes her about 2 hours to get to sleep but when she does drift off she stays asleep until about 7.30/8am! 

She's still having breast milk as a first feed and at her last feed and is bottle fed formula milk as the other feeds which is working really well for us. It means John can help with feeding and we're not tied down to the house

Daphney has started to really smile now which is soooo cute, and she looks around the room to the sound of our voices which I think she can tell it's us! 

D (Daphney) has been a lot more vocal now and gurgles away to us and seems to be awake and a lot more alert in the day times now which is nice, she's also grunting now like a little piggy which is adorable.

Daphney's started to enjoy baths now which is good as we have booked her in for a trail swimming lesion at the end of January! 

We went to the Dr for her 6 week update and they were really happy with her, they checked D's head and chest and answered the questions I had.

Daphney's been loving all the Christmas lights and she will turn to look st then and seems to be focused more on them now which is good.

She was getting a bit spotty but they seem to be cleaning up now, she's had colic but again clearing up and now I think she has slight cradle cap on her eyebrows so that's the next thing we'll have to sort out!

But all in all Daphney is on track and doing great!!

Thanks for reading
Mummy Stephens 

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Long time no posts!

Hello Lovely people

Sorry its been a while since I posted anything, so much has happened but most excitingly I can now announce I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on Friday 11th November 2016. Ill do a serperate blog post about the birth so look out for that.

But this is just a quick post to say im coming back! Ill be posting blogs every Wednesday and Sunday, ill be doing baby updates, hauls, reviews and anything eles I want to talk about really.

I hope you all had a great Christmas.

Thank you for reading

Mummy Stephens x
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