Wednesday, 20 July 2016

3D baby scan at Hello Baby - Cheltenham

We booked the scan for 4th July, The clinic in Cheltenham squeezed us in for a Gender scan which consisted of a 10 minute 2D appointment to check the baby's gender, 2D image to take home and also a 3D viewing of our baby, we paid £40 for this, I think it was well worth the money!

We entered the clean building where we were greeted by the friendly receptionist who offered us a beverage of our choice (I had already drank a liter of water and felt like I was going to pop so I didn't have one but John got a freshly made coffee)

We were called though where the ultra-sound technician was so kind and friendly, we went into our own room which was like a spa! It was beautiful with mood lighting, a big screen which you would soon see baby on, with a big sofa for John to watch on.

The technician explained what would happen throughout the scan, she squirted the warm gel on my tummy and within 10 seconds had already found the sex, which I was dying to find out, She told us and pointed out 3 lines and I automatically thought BOY! where I was corrected, we were expecting a little girl! For the rest of the scan I was so overwhelmed at this news! 

She switched the machine to 3D where we got to see baby's features like eyes, nose, mouth. It was so special to see her in another way. The Lady said as baby was still "young" the features will get stronger with age and to come back if we wanted to in 7 weeks, so 27 weeks and we would be able to see more of our princess.

They had things you could buy such as photo frames, magnets ect. I will leave the link below for the website we booked though.

This is how we told our family about the new member of our family, before we bought out the cake we asked everyone what they thought it was, the majority of both families said a Boy! Little did they know!

Would you have a 3D scan?

Happy Reading, 
Mummy Stephens 

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