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My Top Tips - Healthy Csection *Graphic photo #10

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I am so excited to be a guest on One Sharp Mama's blog,if you haven't managed to check out her page, go and have a look below is my guest post which will be going live on her page soon.

My top 10 tips of a healthy Csection

#1 Research-Research-Research!

I was petrified about my upcoming C-section! I have never stayed in hospital and never had an operation so I researched everything there was to know about what I was about to be going through. I must have watched every video out there on the whole procedure and what happens (which granted was a bit too much to handle!) but when it came down to the wire I am glad I did as I was fully prepared and felt much better about it!

#2 No question is a silly one

Before my planned C-section I had a million questions and I didn't want to go in without knowing them. Some were random questions like "Do I need to shave my downtown area" and others more on point. The Dr’s were so helpful and answered all my questions even if I thought at the time they might have been silly! Being from England I had read a lot about what was going to happen but some of the things I had read were American and the procedures might be slightly different so always ask!

#3 "Voodoo"

I worked in Wholefoods in the health and beauty department before my maternity leave working with, as my husband would say, "voodoo potions" *sigh* and I would again read up on all the herbal remedies which might help me heal after. My top products would be Arnica 100c - this helps with swelling and bruises, I took this the day I gave birth and all the time I was in hospital which was 4 days and I didn't have ANY bruises from having Daphney! Which when you think how much pulling, cutting and tugging goes on during a C-section I was shocked about! 
Secondly I would highly recommend Vitamin C as hospitals are known for all sorts of colds, flus and nasties which as a new mum you don't want to be getting! I popped 2 - 3 a day and again didn't get sick whilst I staying there!

#4 Sweet Treats
I’d recommend taking some sweet treats! This really cheered me up and here in England before a C-section you can’t eat anything from around 9pm the night before. We arrived at the hospital for 6.45am and John was eating my sweets and coffees so when Daphney was born I couldn’t wait for that little pick me up which sugar peaches would hit.

#5 Rest is super important but keep moving?
My thoughts before I had Daphney were that I wanted to play with my new baby girl and share my excitement with the world. In reality I was shattered, physically and mentally exhausted. Having a c-section is a major operation where 7 layers of skin, fat and muscle are cut so take it easy Lady’s!

#6 Day after keep moving…
Ok so this sort of goes against what I said in my last post but bear with me! The more you move…gently, the quicker you will heal and the layers will get back to normal, don’t get me wrong it HURTS but it’s a must! Trips down the hall even trips to the bathroom are a massive achievement. The day after I had Daphney the midwife told me to start moving around and I thought she was joking but honestly it is the best thing you can do, plus means you aren’t going stir crazy in a hospital bed as much!

#7  Positive vibes
Another massive thing in healing is positive vibes and thoughts. I am awful with pain but I knew if I thought I was going to be ill, sick and in pain I would be dreadful, so instead I told myself I was fine, took my meds and I was fine, everyone was so shocked at how quickly I was recovering.

8# Borrow Bridget Jones’ knickers
This on makes me laugh all the time and yes ladies I’m still wearing granny pants, they are the most comfortable things ever!!! They sit just over your belly button so don’t sit on your new healing cut – Same goes for maternity leggings, I lived in mine for months after giving birth as I didn’t want anything to irritate my incision.

9# Drink plenty and take stool softeners
*Ok so TMI alert* my first poos after labour hurt but nothing to when I stopped drinking water – let’s just say it looked like I had been eating sticks like a bear *shakes head*

10# Don’t be scared of your new wound
When I got home from hospital and it finally came to taking off my bandage I was so scared and cried. Looking back I’m not sure what I was so scared about seeing, the midwives said the Dr’s had done an amazing job but I was still scared. Don’t be scared, keep it clean, washed and dry and it will help stop any infections popping up.

Thank you so much for reading

Mummy Stephens x

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