Wednesday, 31 May 2017

It's been a while Crocodile

Hello loves

So... it's been a while since I last posted, there is a few things to catch you up on and I know I always say "I'm going to be better at blogging and keep posting blah blah blah" but this time I mean it *brownies promise* 

I'm not too sure when to begin so this post will just be me rambling!

Daphney is now 6 and 1/2 months old, time is flying by!!! Everyone always says how quickly it goes and for those of you without kids it honestly does FLY BY. We are weaning now, so keep an eye out for some weaning posts and recipes which you might find helpful. 

Daphney is still in our room.... I just can't let go yet I love waking up in the night and seeing her next to me, she is however in her new crib which has been pasted down John's family for 100 years and is a lot bigger than her Moses basket.
We have been on a few mini holidays the most recent to Edinburgh which was beautiful and we went by plane so again watch out for a post on traveling with babies.

We are planning Daphney's christening for 15th July at Tewkesbury abbey so that has been keeping us busy!!
We still go to Tatty Bumpkins which is baby yoga and Daphney loves going! 

I have now fully healed from my csection, the scar is slowly disappearing which I think I must be the only woman ever to be sad about! I'm not sure why but I wanted it to stay and be a proper scar call me crazy! I will be doing an update etc on healing and tips to help heal quicker.

I am just rambling now so will leave this as is for now! 
Keep an eye out for more posts soon

Thank you for reading 
Elyssia x

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