Sunday, 23 October 2016

Padsicles for after labour

Hi Ladies,

I am currently 36 weeks pregnant so I am getting sorted for all things labour related. I was trailing though Pinterest and I can across a recipe for "padsicles" and I was intrigued.
These homemade frozen padsicles are used postpartum as they have good healing properties to speed up recovery of the perineum and other areas - so I thought I would give them ago - anything to help!!

To make these Padsicles you will need -
1.Maternity pads or Night sanitary pads

2.Organic Aloe Vera Gel (I picked mine up from Whole Foods Market)

3.Witch Hazel liquid - Astringent which helps to close pores and heal skin

4.Lavender essential oil - This helps calm swelling or inflammation of skin and also helps to  supports cellular regeneration

5.Geranium essential oil - This helps heal any broken capillaries and conditions the skin

6.Rosemary essential oil - Helps fight infection and inflammation it also strengthens muscles

7.Spray bottle (optional)
8.Cling film/ Tin foil
You can also use frankincense Essential Oil which supports tissue regeneration and prevents scarring but I chose not to use this.

Making the padsicles
1. Lay out your desired pad on a clean surface (I used a chopping board, if you chose to use night sanitary pads keep the packing on the outside and carefully peel off the sticky tab but keep this for later!)

2. Apply 3/4 teaspoons of your witch hazel to each pad and allow to sink in

3. Apply 3 blobs of Aloe gel on each pad, making sure to evenly spread over the whole pad front to back using a teaspoon

4. Mix together 4 drops of each essential oil (per pad) and spray the length of the do with this mixture (I used 60 drops of each oil which sounds like loads but I made 20 pads and still have a lot of each essential oil left)

5. Leave to sink in for a few minutes whilst you finish the remaining pads

6. Wrap in cling film / Tin foil

7. Place in your freezer and use after labour.

If you have any other tips for labour feel free to leave in the comment section below!

Happy reading
Mrs. Stephens

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